• The best conditions for mortgage loans

    Volume of Russian mortgage market for 3 years increased by 10 times. At present it is about $ 500 million 70% of the market is divided between the five largest banks. In 2-3 years the volume of this market sector will increase to 2-3 billion dollars, and the rate at most banks will be less than 10% godovyh. Tsifra to $ 500 million, at first glance, it seems huge, to the same comparison with 2001 the volume of mortgage loans increased by almost 10 times. To assess the significance of the above figures, we compare them with the GDP. In the UK the ratio is 62%, in Germany about 50% in the U.S. – 53%. In Russia, this figure still falls short of the 1% level. It is also worth noting that the average size of a mortgage loan issued in Russia is estimated at 18 thousand dollars, while, for example, in the Netherlands, 150 thousand euros. In a word, too early to talk about Russia as a mortgage on the formed rynke. Dlya most people a mortgage is the only possible way to solve the housing problem. And now we present artless arithmetic: the current average income of $ 1, 000 per family of Moscow, for the purchase of a typical apartment cost $ 60-70 thousand families to take credit for at least 16-20 years, and it provided that all this time the family will to pay for $ 300-350 a month. Not surprisingly, the results of his own study of RBC in major Russian cities, the number of respondents who sought to mortgage lending is in Moscow less than 0.5%, and in all major cities in Russia this figure is in the range 0-0.6%. Mortgages for most banks is not strategically important area of retail business development, and moreover, the mortgage usually unprofitable by the banks: a mortgage is one of the most risky, as is issued for a longer period. Economic forecasts for more than three years in Russia is not doing much monopolized udaetsya. Rynok mortgage – 4-5 major players share about 70% of the market, despite the fact that in the process of granting loans in 2003 was featured more than 100 banks. The most important player on the market is a Savings Bank (about 50% market share) and DeltaCredit, Raiffeisen Bank, Vneshtorgbank and the City Mortgage Bank. As the “RBC” Director of credit department of the bank DeltaCredit Nikolai Korchagin, the strength of the player in the mortgage market is estimated volumes issued, the quality of customer service and professionalism komand.Na date, banks offer two main programs – loans to buy housing on the secondary market and investment program designed for those who want to buy an apartment in a newly built house. In recent years the greatest demand housing under construction, this was due to the fact that 2-3 years ago during construction of the house price for 1 square meter of housing increased at least 2 times that can be said about the current situation. According to realtors, there are cases where the value of 1 meter within six months after the sale of apartments in the building under construction fell by 10%, due to lack of demand due to inflated iznachatelno стоимости. ПолуипотекаОтдельно worth mentioning the so-called programs to improve housing conditions. The essence of the program is to ensure that the borrower sells the apartment, where he now lives and is becoming more expensive option, while he takes credit for the difference in the value of the two apartments. As a rule, the amount of surcharges in the range $ 20-40 thousand, and the consumer thinks about how to not take the mortgage and consumer credit. In this case, not a bank and the borrower becomes the owner of the acquired dwelling, the decision on a loan made much faster, and this despite the fact that interest rates on consumer loans slightly higher. For example, the Savings Bank rate on the loan for urgent needs of 12% per annum in U.S. Dollars against 11% of the mortgage, and Raiffeisenbank – 13% vs. 12%. If we talk about the segment of the elite offers the Moscow real estate market, the mortgage transaction is a rarity. According to head of urban real estate company Soho Realty Alena Brigadnovoy, in practice, the company can note a few instances of such sales, and the total amount of mortgage deals on luxury real estate market of the capital can be assessed no more than 1-2%. Summer holiday season has caused considerable interest in the countryside real estate. Hence the increase in demand for mortgage programs on country homes. According to head of suburban real estate company Soho Realty Maxim Ardeeva, mortgage programs already widely distributed to the suburban real estate market. All the major vendors, such as, for example, “Paul” and “Benelux”, actively used this summer, such systems kreditovaniya. Odnako in our rating is not got no program for the acquisition of suburban real estate lending – is much higher and the initial fees and interest rates. KonkurentsiyaIz due to increased competition in the mortgage market, banks have to attract more borrowers, lend, even to buy rooms, increase the maturity of the loan to 20 years. In recent years, almost all banks have removed penalties for early repayment of the loan, many banks can obtain loans without official confirmation of the total amount the borrower’s income in the form of two personal income tax help, and do not need guarantors and registration in Moscow. Another year or two ago, the average rate on the mortgage market in Russia amounted to about 15% in dollars. In summer 2004 the minimum mortgage rates in U.S. Dollars were 10%, and in mid-September, with the advent of “flats” of the season, the minimum bet on the market fell to 9%. The threshold of 10% had DeltaCredit and the National Mortgage Company, a rate of 10% in the Zenith Bank, Raiffeisenbank and First OVK. Nesmotrya on a variety of proposals on mortgage loans, ultimately, the differences in the programs are minimal. As can be seen from the rating, the credit is granted, usually for 10-15 years at 11-13% per annum in U.S. Dollars or 14-17% in rubles with an initial payment of 20-25% of the purchase price. Additional costs – 2.5% for insurance and notary public, small amounts (up to 10 thousand rubles) for clearance and registration of the contract, real estate appraisal, safe-deposit box. Banks “are” mostly on reducing the costs associated mortgage sdelke. Zhelayuschemu get a mortgage loan is worth remembering that significant deviations from the average conditions can not be – at significantly lower rate for the loan can be a high fee for opening and maintaining the loan account, if the bank does not require a formal confirmation of income, the rate will be significantly higher or down payment reaches 50%. Closely with the market growing mortgage market mortgage insurance. According to rough estimations of experts, the market for mortgage insurance on the date of the order of $ 100 million, the most notable players in this market, according to the director of the legal department of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending (AHML) Eugene Chepenko are insurance companies, long time working in the insurance industry such as “Ingosstrakh”, “Military Insurance Company”, “ROSNO”, “Spassky Gate,” “Investstroy”, “UralCib.” Forecasts rynkaPredstaviteli banks do not see any problems in the near future, the demand for mortgage loans. Real estate prices continue to rise, and still more profitable to take out a loan and buy a flat rather than rent it. Rapid growth in the mortgage market no one expects, however, to maintain liquidity, many universal banks are forced to reduce the number of loans or revise their terms. At the date of the rating of the 33 surveyed banks are reviewing four conditions for granting loans or even shut down their mortgage programs. Experts predict that after the fall of interest rates in the market below 10% of the annual public demand for mortgages will rise to $ 2-3 mlrd. Horoshim example is the market for auto loans: if 2-3 years ago, less than 1% of cars sold on credit, but now, as we have noted, “RBC”, this figure reaches 15%. Creating affordable housing market in Russia, it was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, one of the priorities.
    The need for this package of bills called acute housing question facing the country. Thus, to date, the category of needing to improve their living conditions themselves reckon 62% of the population. One person in our country has 19.7 square meters. M square, while in Europe – 40-50 square meters. M, and the U.S. – more than 70.


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